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Trojan Remover is a fast and simple-to-use antivirus solution designed to perform on-demand scans to identify and remove malware from the computer. It covers the system integrity, rookits, registry, service DLLs, browser helper objects, scheduled tasks, the Hosts file, and so on.

Rapid setup and simple-to-use GUI

Installing the application is a fast and easy task, since no special configuration is needed.

As for the interface, Trojan Remover sticks to a classical look and user-friendly structure that enables users to immediately start a scan job and check the most important part of Windows for suspicious activity.

Run fast scans and configure various aspects to ensure PC safety

It is possible to scan a specific drive or directory and include subfolders, look inside any file remover 10 files too, scan files already renamed by Trojan Remover, ask the app to automatically rename malware files and just send a report, any file remover 10 well as to inspect the malware reference database to find out all dangerous any file remover 10 which can be detected by the tool.

any file remover 10

Users may examine log files and manage excluded files, set delay times, trust digitally signed system files, allow scans at boot time to verify autostart entries, and more.

Evaluation and conclusion

Trojan Remover is really fast when it comes to scanning locations.

Plus, it has minimal impact any file remover 10 PC performance, since it uses low CPU and any file remover 10. However, we encountered issues in our evaluation on Windows 8.1 Pro concerning virus detection ratio, since the tool failed to spot any malware agents that we had prepared for it (Trojans included, as the app name suggests).

Whether the virus definition database is actually outdated or not, we cannot tell, but the current version of Trojan Remover forces to give it the lowest rating.

any file remover 10

Users should resort to other, more reliable antivirus solutions until this one resolves its issues.

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