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was a common yearstarting on Saturday of the Gregorian calendar, the th year of the Common Era (CE) and бурда 1955 Domini (AD) designations, the бурда 1955 year of the 2nd&#;millennium, the 55th year of the 20th&#;century, and the 6th year of the s decade.



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  • January 2 – José Antonio Remón Cantera, president of Panama, is assassinated at a race track in Panama City.
  • January 3 – José Ramón Guizado becomes president of Panama.
  • January 7 – Marian Anderson is the first African-American singer to perform at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City.
  • January 17 – USS&#;Nautilus, the first nuclear-powered submarine, puts to sea for the first time, from Groton, Connecticut.
  • January 18–January 20 – Battle of Yijiangshan Islands: The Chinese Communist People's Liberation Army seizes the islands from the Republic of China (Taiwan).
  • January 22 – In the United States, The Pentagon announces a plan to develop intercontinental ballistic бурда 1955 (ICBMs) armed with nuclear weapons.
  • January 23 – Sutton Coldfield rail crash kills 17 near Birmingham, England.
  • January 25 – Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union announces the end of the war between the USSR and Germany, which бурда 1955 during World War II in
  • January 28 – Бурда 1955 States Congress authorizes President Dwight D.

    Eisenhower to use force to protect Formosa from the People's Republic of China.


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  • February 4 – "Baghdad Pact": Military treaty signed between Iraq and Turkey.
  • February 9 – Apartheid in South Africa: 60, non-white residents of the Sophiatownsuburb of Johannesburg are forcibly evicted.
  • February 10 – The United States Seventh Fleet helps the Republic of China evacuate Chinese Nationalist army and residents from the Бурда 1955 Islands to Taiwan.
  • February 12 – U.S.

    President Dwight D. Eisenhower sends the first U.S. advisors to South Vietnam.

  • February 14 бурда 1955 WFLA-TV signs on the бурда 1955 in Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida.
  • February 16 – Nearly die in a fire at a home for the elderly in Yokohama, Japan.
  • February 19 – Southeast Asia Treaty Organization,(SEATO) established at a meeting in Bangkok.
  • February 22 – In Chicago's Democratic primary, Mayor Martin H.

    Kennelly loses to the head of the Бурда 1955 County Democratic Party, Richard J. Daley,to ,


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  • March – A young Jim Henson builds the first version of Kermit the Frog.
  • March 2
    • Claudette Colvin, a fifteen-year-old African-American girl, refuses to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, to a white бурда 1955 after the driver demands it.

      She is carried off the bus backwards while being kicked and handcuffed and harassed on the way to the police station. She becomes a plaintiff in Browder v. Gayle () which rules bus segregation to be unconstitutional.

    • Serious floods in Australia.
  • March 5
    • WBBJ-TV signs on the air in бурда 1955 Jackson, Tennessee, with Бурда 1955 as its initial call-letters, to expanded American commercial television in mostly-rural areas.
    • Elvis Presley makes his television debut on "Louisiana Hayride" carried by KSLA-TV Shreveport (although audio recordings exists, there is no бурда 1955 video footage of this appearance).
  • March 7 – The Broadway musical version бурда 1955 Peter Pan, which had opened in starring Mary Martin, is presented on television for the first time by NBC-TV with its original cast, as an installment of Producers' Showcase.

    It is also the first time that a stage musical is presented in its entirety on TV almost exactly as it was performed on stage. This program gains the largest viewership of a TV special up to this time, and it becomes one of the first great TV family musical classics.

  • March 17 – Richard Riot бурда 1955 Montreal: 6, people protest the suspension of French Canadianice hockey star Maurice Richard of the Montreal Canadiens by the National Hockey League following a violent incident during a match.
  • March 19 – KXTV signs on the air in Sacramento, California.
  • March 20 – The movie adaptation of Evan Hunter's novel Blackboard Jungle premieres in the United States, featuring the famous single "Rock Around the Clock" by Bill Haley & His Comets.

    Teenagers jump from their seats to dance to the song.


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  • April 1 – EOKA A starts a terrorist campaign against British rule in the Crown colony of Cyprus.
  • April 5
  • April 6 – Anthony Eden becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
  • April 10 – in the NBA, the Syracuse Nationals defeat the Fort Wayne Pistons in game seven to win the title.
  • April 11
  • April 12 – The Salk бурда 1955 vaccine, having passed large-scale trials earlier in the United States, receives full approval by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • April бурда 1955 – The Detroit Red Wings win the Stanley Cup for the 7th time in franchise history, but will not win again until
  • April 15
  • April 16 – Burma-Japanese peace treaty, signed in Rangoon бурда 1955 November 5,comes into effect, formally ending a state of war between the two countries that has not бурда 1955 for a long time.
  • April 17 – Imre Nagy, the communist Premier of Hungary, is ousted for being too moderate.
  • April 18 – Albert Einstein, German-born theoretical physicist, dies from an abdominal aortic aneurysm at the age of
  • April 18–April 24 – Asian-African Conference held in Bandung, Indonesia.


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  • May 5 – West Germany becomes a sovereign country recognized by important Western foreign countries, such as France, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.
  • May 6 – Western European Union charter effective.
  • May 7 – The last time Newcastle United won a domestic title.
  • May 9 – West Germany joins the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
  • May 11 – Japanese National Railways' ferry Shiun Maru sinks after collision with sister ship Uko Maru in thick fog off Takamatsu, Shikoku, in the Seto Inland Sea of Japan; passengers (many children) and two crew are killed.

    This event is influential in plans to construct the Akashi Бурда 1955 Bridge (built ).

  • May 12– New York's Third Avenue Elevated runs its last train between Chathem Square in Manhattan and East th Street in the Bronx, thus ending elevated train service in Manhattan.
  • May 14 бурда 1955 Eight Communist Bloc countries, including the Soviet Union, sign a mutual defence treaty in Warsaw, Poland, that is called the Warsaw Pact.

    бурда 1955

    It will be dissolved in

  • May 15 – Austrian State Treaty, which restores Austria's national sovereignty, is concluded between the four occupying powers following World War II (the United Kingdom, the United States, the Soviet Union, and France) and Austria, setting it up as a neutral country.
  • May 25 – Joe Brown and George Band are the first to attain the summit of Kangchenjunga in the Himalayas, as part of a British бурда 1955 led by Charles Evans.


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  • July 7 – The New Zealand Special Air Service is formed.
  • July 13 – Ruth Ellis is hanged for murder in London, becoming the last woman ever to be executed in the United Kingdom.
  • July 17
  • July 18
    • The first nuclear-generated electrical power is sold commercially, partially powering the town of Arco, Idaho.
    • The Illinois Governor, William Stratton, signs the "Loyalty Oath Act", passed by the State Legislature, which mandates all public employees take a loyalty oath to Illinois and the United States, or lose their jobs.
    • The first Geneva Summit meeting between the United States, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, and France begins.

      It ends on July

" July 22 – In Long Beach, U.S.A., Hillevi Rombin of Sweden will crown Miss Universe.


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  • October 2 – Alfred Hitchcock Presents debuts on the CBS TV network in the United States.
  • October 3 – The Mickey Mouse Club debuts on the ABC-TV network in the United States.
  • October 4 – The Reverend Sun Myung Moon is released from prison in Seoul, South Korea.
  • October 5 – Disneyland Hotel opens to the бурда 1955 in Anaheim, California.
  • October бурда 1955 – mm film for projection is introduced with the theatrical release of Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical film, Oklahoma!.
  • October 14 – Organization of Central American States бурда 1955 inaugurated.
  • October 20 – Disc jockeyBill Randle of WERE (Cleveland) is the key presenter of a concert at Brooklyn High School (Ohio), featuring Pat Boone and Bill Haley & His Comets and opening with Elvis Presley, Бурда 1955 first filmed performance, for a documentary on Randle titled The Pied Piper of Cleveland.
  • October 26
  • October 27 – Film Rebel Without a Cause, starring James Dean, is released in the United States.
  • October 29 – Soviet battleship Novorossiysk explodes at moorings in Sevastopol Bay, killingthe Soviet Union's worst naval бурда 1955 article: November


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    • December 4 – The International Federation of Blood Donor Organizations was founded in Luxembourg.
    • December 5
    • December 9 – Adnan Menderes of DP forms the new government of Turkey (22nd government)
    • December 10 – Australian federal election, Robert Menzies' Liberal/CountryCoalitionGovernment is re-elected with a substantially increased majority, defeating the Labor Party led by H.V.

      Evatt. This election бурда 1955 in the immediate aftermath of the devastating split in the Labor Party, which led to the formation of the Democratic Labor Party. The DLP бурда 1955 preference against Labor and keep the Coalition бурда 1955 office until

    • December 14
      • The Tappan Zee Bridge over the Hudson River in New York State opens to traffic.
      • Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Laos, Libya, Nepal, Portugal, Romania, Spain, and Sri Lanka join the United Nations simultaneously, after several years of moratorium on admitting new members that began during the Korean War.
    • December 20 бурда 1955 Cardiff is declared бурда 1955 the British Government as the capital of Wales.
    • December 22 – American cytogeneticist Joe Hin Tjio discovers the бурда 1955 number of human chromosomes, forty-six.
    • December 31 – General Motors becomes the first American corporation to make a profit of over one billion dollars in one year.

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    World population[edit]

    • World population: 2,,
      • Africa: ,
      • Asia: 1,,
      • Europe: ,
      • South America: ,
      • North America: ,
      • Oceania: 14,



    • January 1
    • January 2 – Vivien Savage, French singer
    • January 5 – Mamata Banerjee, Indian politician, Chief Minister of West Bengal
    • January 6 – Rowan Atkinson, English comedian and actor
    • January 9 – J.

      K. Simmons, American actor

    • January 10 – Michael Schenker, German guitarist (Scorpions, UFO, Michael Schenker Group)
    • January 13
    • January 15
    • January 17
    • January 18 – Kevin Costner, American бурда 1955, producer and director
    • January 19 – Sir Simon Rattle, English orchestral conductor
    • January 20
    • January 21 – Jeff Koons, American artist
    • January 22 – Keiko Takahashi, Japanese actress
    • January 25 – Petra Gerster, German бурда 1955 presenter and newscaster
    • January 26
    • January 27
    • January 28
    • January 29


    • February 1 – Hans Werner Olm, Бурда 1955 television and film comedian
    • February 2 – Leszek Engelking, Polish poet, writer and translator
    • February 3 – Kirsty Wark, Scottish television presenter
    • February 6
    • February 7 – Miguel Ferrer, American actor (d.


    • February 8
    • February 9
    • February бурда 1955 12 – Ai Satō, Japanese voice actress
    • February 13 – Akiko Yano, Japanese singer-songwriter
    • February 15
    • February 17 – Mo Yan, Chinese writer
    • February 19 – Jeff Daniels, American actor
    • February 21 – Kelsey Grammer, American actor бурда 1955 comedian
    • February 22 – David Axelrod, American political analyst
    • February 23
    • February 24
    • February 28 – Gilbert Gottfried, American actor and comedian


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