Dark moon dota 2 абуз

The Dark Moon is the latest event to be added to Dota 2. This time, you dark moon dota 2 абуз your allies will be fighting against a horde of enemies in a PvE mode. As a reward, you will accumulate points that can be spent on cosmetic items in game.

The Dark Moon event can easily be accessed from the main menu, as it's prominently displayed on the right side of the screen.

Dark moon dota 2 абуз can join with a group of 5, or just search for allies to play with.

Note: You DO NOT need a Battle Pass to play Dark Moon.

dark moon dota 2 абуз

They are two separate things, and can be used independently of each other!

Once you are in a match, you can pick from a very limited Hero Pool. Remember that this isn't your typical Dota match, so think careful and plan ahead with your team on what heroes to pick. Also, make sure to check your skills!

Some skills have been altered for Dark Moon. dark moon dota 2 абуз you are in the game, you will purchase items like normal. Enemies drop gold for you to pick up, which is crucial to do or else you'll find yourself struggling for gold. They will also randomly drop Health, Mana and Teleport Scrolls.

Touching any potion will instantly use it, while TP scrolls are placed in your inventory.

Your goal is to protect the Ancient, and save as many towers as possible. The more towers you save, the better the gold reward at the end of the wave. Dark Moon will end if all 5 members of your team are dead at the same time.

Dark Moon is not easy.

It's not uncommon to die on the first few waves, and getting beyond Wave 9 requires dark moon dota 2 абуз to go off perfectly. Dark moon dota 2 абуз are some tips on how to get as far as possible!

  • Draft - There are several combinations of heroes that can succeed, but here are a few we like best.

    dark moon dota 2 абуз

    Dark Seer is good in almost all situations, thanks to Ion Shell and Illusory Wall. Phantom Assassin is also very good here, so long as you get a Battle Fury very quickly. She also works best when paired with a Treant Protector, who can shield her and heal the team repeatedly. Sniper is also strong in this mode, thanks to his altered Ultimate.

  • Items - Your normal items won't dark moon dota 2 абуз much in Dark Moon
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