Jit zdorovo -gimnastika dla lica

jit zdorovo -gimnastika dla lica

The gentle landscapes of the mountain Rudnik, a well-known climatic health resort, together with the charming ambiance and modern infrastructure of the Zdravkovac country club, will not fail to amaze you with its simplicity and beauty.

At every step you will feel the pleasant, unintrusive energy of the landscape that surrounds Zdravkovac, and hospitable energy of the owners of the property, who unselfishly incorporated their own vision of a perfect outdoor stay into every part of this family-run estate.

Zdravkovac, which celebrates the simplicity and spontaneity of life with all its attributes, was built with the desire to share this magical part of Šumadija with all those who have an eye for beauty.

We invite you to come and meet the most beautiful jit zdorovo -gimnastika dla lica of Serbia that will remind jit zdorovo -gimnastika dla lica of Tuscany, with a hint of romantic Provencal atmosphere.

jit zdorovo -gimnastika dla lica

We would like to welcome you to Zdravkovac, where life becomes simply enjoyable.

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